Why coach training?

Five reasons to take ilume’s world-class Coach Training Program


Thinking of becoming a coach?


Keen to stretch yourself to improve your way of connecting with others?


Keen to stretch yourself to improve your way of connecting with others?


Want to understand yourself better?


Yearning for some time out to learn something new for yourself?

Then this program is worth considering

An eight-day program that is divided into 3 modules – 3 days, 3 days, 2 days, with a month in between each module. Study, coaching practice and reading review after the program. Culminating in a world-class internationally recognised coaching qualification from the International Coaching Community.  Life time membership of that global Community.


You will get to know yourself

This journey of development starts in one place, and one place only.  And that is with you.
If you are to take on a role of coaching others, leading others and collaborating with others, then knowing yourself, and taking a long hard look at the way you behave and respond to things is the first step on the program.
60% of the course program is experiential, which means that every day you are not only learning new concepts and data but most importantly you are then working with others on the program to understand and embed them.
Truth, trust and respect become the cornerstone of the first module along with the realisation that you are ‘in development’.
Supported by two facilitators, the owners of ilume – Angela Neighbours and Raechel Ford are two of the world’s best coach trainers.  Every year they can be found somewhere in the world honing their own skills, and developing themselves – they will tell you this is a wonderful journey of discovery for life!

You will build a new network of like-minded colleagues

We offer this program in New Zealand three times a year in our bespoke offices in Auckland.  Our class numbers are kept to a small select group of like-minded professionals (based on enrolments we will recommend the best program for you).
We have a maximum of 10-12 participants in total.   People who have attended our program in the past include: Senior Human Resources Executives, Chief Executives, Operations Managers, General Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Psychologists, Consultants, Public Sector leaders. We have attracted a range of industries as well – banking, manufacturing, professional services, retailing, fast moving consumer goods, insurance, advertising and marketing.
Ask us for a list of previous participants – they are very happy to share their experience with you.
You will work together.  You will get to know each other deeply.  The contact continues long after the program is complete. ilume also brings the alumni together twice a year for collaboration and further development.

You will learn the latest theories, based on global academic thinking and research

Our program is in constant development and improvement in line with the way ideas and concepts are being brought forward in our fast moving world.   At ilume we run an Executive Coaching business in both New Zealand and Australia and are in the market every day, so you can be confident that we are introducing you to the very best and latest thinking.
Coaching requires the latest trends and techniques, and the most effective models.  Our clients expect the best!
You will walk away from our program with at least 25 proven coaching models that we use in the ilume business every day.  You will have a proven toolbox of ideas to use.   You will have worked with them all, become familiar with them, and even designed your own models with other course participants.

You will meet ilume’s clients

During the program we will organise for some guest appearances – leaders who have worked with ilume in a coaching relationship – who will join us for coaching from the participants.
These leaders will bring live issues to the group for solving from a coaching perspective.  This gives every participant the opportunity to extend their understanding of the coaching philosophy, to test their newly learned skills, and apply it in a safe environment.

You will be given feedback every day of the program

Although as adults we learn best by doing, real-time feedback can often become the guidebook for changing ourselves.  Every day of the program you will be coaching in front of the group, and be given feedback not only from your fellow participants, but also from the two ilume Directors – Angela Neighbours and Raechel Ford.
Our style is not to destruct, but to be positive, reinforcing and assisting to you in your journey of change. We are here with you for the duration of the program, will meet you in between the modules if you require it, and will give you 100% support to succeed in your quest to be a world-class coach.